Oil-free compressors draw air into a pre-lubricated cylinder, ensuring permanent lubrication. This process maintains the compressed air quality at the same level as the intake air, keeping it free from oil contamination. They are also lighter in weight and produce as much airflow (CFM) and pressure (PSI) as many oil-lubricated models.

ELGi’s range of oil free air compressors offers 100 percent oil free compressed air solutions which are designed to provide zero risk of contamination with improved energy efficiency and long term reliability . By eliminating oil from the compression process, ELGi ensures that their compressors deliver clean, reliable compressed air, meeting proper quality standards and regulatory requirements worldwide. For the best solutions in clean and reliable compressed air, A S Equipments is your trusted choice for oil free air compressor dealers.

ELGi AB series oil free screw air compressors offers benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability, and are regarded as one of the best oil free compressors in the industry for various applications. Their AB series oil free screw air compressors are Class-“0” certified, ensuring air quality and providing zero risk of contamination. These compressors are ideal for sensitive applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage, where the presence of oil vapor and moisture is intolerable.


ELGi’s Electric Oil Free Screw Air Compressor 45–450 kW series provides class zero oil-free air with leading energy efficiency, reliability, and low operating costs, all supported by a best-in-class warranty. Oil free air compressors, also known as dry screw air compressors, are used for applications such as color coating, electronic chip manufacturing, automated assembly lines, and many more, where maintaining air quality is critical.


Our oil-free screw air compressors comply with Class Zero oil standards, ensuring high uptime and reliability. They feature an ELGi-designed airend, known as the eta-V rotor, which delivers reliable air quality with easy maintenance and low operating costs. As an authorized oil-free air compressors dealer, A S Equipments offers a complete range of ELGi’s top-quality oil-free screw air compressors. These compressors are designed for optimal performance in critical applications where air purity is essential.

Advantages of Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors

Oil-free compressors, including water-injected screw compressors, are engineered to deliver contaminant-free compressed air, essential for critical applications across industries. Whether ensuring product purity in food and beverage or supporting vital processes in pharmaceuticals and electronics, oil-free or water-injected screw compressors are indispensable. Being an Authorized oil free air compressor dealer, A S Equipments, ensures that customers receive top-quality products along with exceptional support and service, maximizing the performance of their compressed air systems.

Zero Oil Contamination : The primary benefit of oil-free compressors is their capability to provide compressed air entirely free from oil. This ensures the air remains uncontaminated, preserving product integrity in critical sectors.

Enhanced Air Purity : Oil-free screw air compressors offer superior air purity, ideal for applications requiring pristine air quality, like laboratory equipment, clean rooms, and precision instruments.

Reduced Maintenance Costs : By eliminating the need for oil changes and associated maintenance, oil free compressors significantly reduce operational costs and downtime.

Environmentally Friendly : Oil-free compressors contribute to eco-friendly operations by eliminating oil consumption and the need to dispose of oil-contaminated condensate. At A S Equipments, your trusted oil-free air compressor dealer, we prioritize environmental sustainability by offering top-quality products that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.


ELGi has been manufacturing oil free air compressors for many years as a leading manufacturer in the industry, with its in-house design and production of airends. ELGi oil free air compressors provide clean and contaminant-free compressed air for a wide range of applications. With our experience and expertise, ELGi is a trusted choice for customers in need of high-quality oil free air compressors. Our oil free compressors are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified for air quality. We offer both oil free screw air compressors and oil free piston compressors to meet the needs of various industries. Choose one of our top-quality oil free air compressors for your operations and experience outstanding compressed air performance!

ELGi oil-free compressors are chosen for their ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification. This certification ensures the highest standard for air purity, guaranteeing that the compressed air produced by our oil free air compressors is completely free from any traces of oil. This is especially crucial for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and healthcare, where even the slightest contamination could have severe consequences. The class zero air compressor sets the standard for exceptional performance, ensuring top-notch efficiency, reliability, and quality. ELGi demonstrates its commitment to delivering safe and pure oil free compressed air. Our silent oil free air compressors come with consistent oil free air meeting ISO8573-1 class 0 oil standards. Food-grade coating is applied where air contacts the metal surface inside the compressor, ensuring consistent oil free air without metal debris. Furthermore, oil-free, consistent air is delivered through pipes with special coatings and optimized rotor clearances.

Oil-free compressors are necessary in applications requiring high air quality, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, electronics manufacturing, and medical facilities. Clean, uncontaminated air is ensured by oil-free compressors.