Reciprocating ELGI Air compressors accessories

Impure compressed air contents can create hurdles in the industrial application processes. ELGI provides our customers with a range of air compressor accessories which ensure meeting application specific air quality norms to further help in creating a greener environment.

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    The impurities of compressed air can negatively affect the industrial application process. Compressed air impurities such as dirt, water, bacteria and small wear particles can take forms of an acidic sludge by mixing altogether. This can compromise the efficiency of end applications such as machineries, valve orifices, pneumatic tools and electro-pneumatic controls like relays. It is compulsory to have the compressed air cleaned regularly to increase the reliability of machinery and save energy.

    We at AS Equipment, provide a varied range of pneumatic down-stream accessories ensuring application-specific air quality norms as per ISO 8573 norms. The air treatment downstream and condensate management solutions are also called AirMate Systems, energy conservation systems are classified as ELGI Conserve.

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    At A S Equipment, we believe in delivering value and productivity to our customers. Our passionate expertise helps to bring sustainable value to industries everywhere which helps our potential customers to achieve their manufacturing goals. With the innovative ELGI Air compressors, Electric Lubricated Screw Compressor, Electric Oil Free Screw Compressors, Air Receivers and Filters are sold nationwide. We assure to make developments to our technologies to ensure that our customers receive the best results from our products.

    We have more than 48 years of successful experience as a channel partner of ELGI and ATS-ELGI. We have always maintained the trust of our clients over these years.

    We have our head office at New Delhi with branch offices at Greater Noida, Sahibabad, Meerut, Agra, Haridwar, and Rudrapur adequately stocked with ELGI spare parts and ELGI Air Compressors.

    We have over 50 factory trained service engineers for providing our customers with premium quality products and services. Our utmost focus is on maintaining the customer trust on A S Equipment.

    We have over 2000 successful air compressor installations in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. With over 600 annual maintenance contracts, we are proud to be growing consistently.

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