En Series Screw Air Compressors

EN Series Screw Compressors 2.2-45 KW

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    Why Elgi’s EN Series Screw Compressor?

    Best-in-class reliability

    Our EN Series Compressor are designed to encapsulate all functional components and compressor within a common housing with its small footprint, High reliability & low maintenance requirements

    Compact and elegant design

    Our EN Series Compressor comes with space saving design powered by ELGi’s energy-efficient eta-V profiles which has zero leakage due to integration of components & connections

    Energy-efficient, encapsulated airends

    Our EN Series Compressor is filled with ELGi’s unique assembly which is energy efficient, has minimal pressure drop across the system, compact & silent

    Best-in-class maintenance and operating cost

    Due to our efficient air filtration system in EN Series Compressor, cleaner suction air keeps the internal components of the compressor clean which helps in maintaining optimum cooling efficiency and low oil-fill hence increasing longer life of consumables

    Efficient air-oil separation

    The air-oil separation of our EN Series Compressor is derived by impact and deceleration which involves 3 stages. Stage 1: Impact of air-oil mixture on the tank circumferential area. Stage 2: Deceleration action of air-oil mixture to remove the oil particles. Stage 3: Air with minor traces of oil enters the spin on separator for purification

    Optional variable speed drives for energy efficiency

    ELGi EN Series Compressor matches output with demand by varying motor speed and with the reduction of demand, the power consumption also reduces with time which helps in eliminating the frequent load-unload cycle there by providing savings in energy

    Indigenously designed Neuron control system offering operating data and safety measures

    The Neuron XT controller has been custom designed and engineered as an efficient control solution for our EN Series which allows you to monitor and control overall performance with easy-to-use service indications, malfunction alarms & safety shutdowns

    Highly efficient belt drive transmission

    ELGi EN series ensures transmission of the power with good efficiency in very longer distances

    Applicable Industries

    • Textiles
    • Food processing
    • Paper
    • Automotive
    • Small machining and fabrication workshops

    Schematic Representation

    2.2-45 kW EN Series

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