Oil Free Piston Compressors

5-15 HP Two Stage Oil-Free Piston Compressors

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    Why ELGi’s Oil Free Piston Compressors?

    Unique suction through crank case design ensures no unwanted vacuum generation in the crank case

    Robust cast iron block for long life

    Deep finned cylinders for efficient heat dissipation

    Cylinder walls are specially coated for wear and corrosion resistance

    PTFE Coated Piston & Piston Rings

    Delivery unloader for automatic unloading of compressed air in the delivery pipelines

    Flanged aluminium aftercooler for efficient cooling

    Applicable Industries

    • Oxygen/Nitrogen generation plants
    • Laboratories
    • Research facilities
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Food processing
    • Applications that are zero tolerant to oil in compressed air
    • Electronics production
    • Ozone generation
    • Printing equipment
    • Fermenters
    • Packaging

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