High Pressure Compressors 3-20 HP / Upto 60 Bar

3-20 HP High Pressure Piston Compressors

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    Why ELGi’s Piston Compressors?

    Heavy duty air filter with enhanced life

    Starter with dual operation mode

    Double poly V belts ensure low transmission loss

    4 safety valves for enhanced operational safety

    Efficient cooling system with interstage and afterstage coolers

    Suction unloaders for optimal energy consumption

    Deep finned cylinders & cylinder heads for efficient heat transfer

    Steel cooling fan with aerodynamic profile for best-in-class flow

    500Lts high pressure air receiver designed as per ASME standards

    Applicable Industries

    • Plastic Industry
    • Packaging industry
    • Circuit breaking
    • Thermal power projects
    • Genset starting
    • PET blowing

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