Over the years, ELGi has sharpened its focus on providing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions to the textile industry. ELGi Equipments has been fulfilling the efficiency requirement of textile industry with its wide range of cost-competitive oil free air compressors.

As an air compressor manufacturer, we probably have the widest range of compressors to offer to the textile industry. Starting from a half HP piston compressor that can be used in some of the smaller textile processing & fabrics units, and up to a 2000 HP centrifugal compressor that can be used in large processing and texturizing units. We are also providing Oil-free air solutions for the textile industry with our very own oil-free screw compressors. So, ELGi has a pretty wide range of compressors to meet the end-to-end solutions in the textile production process.

High Volumes of Clean, Dry Air

The ISO8573-Class 7 compliance norms ensures zero traces of microbial contaminants means, zero risk of contamination and reduces risks of rejections providing 100% reliable, clean Class ’ 0 ’ high quality air.

Reduced Energy Cost

ELGi’s range of compressed air solutions for the textile and Fabric manufacturing have best-in-class energy savings. With our high efficient airends which are equipped with in-house developed eta-V profile rotors, with 4/5 lobe combination, helps in reducing pressure losses and increases energy-efficiencies in the compressed air supply.

Complete Range of Solution

ELGi air compressors delivers unmatched air quality with complete reliable solution to textile manufacturing by providing less breakdown and a standard lifetime air-end warranty giving customers peace of mind.

Use of Air Compressor in Textile Industry

Compressed air helps manufacturers in the textile industry overcome several challenges. One of these is cost reduction associated with operating and sustaining compressed air tools and support systems. Textile & fabric manufacturers want to improve productivity levels and increase uptime while ensuring that there is no contamination due to mixing of air/fluid. Another challenge the textile industry aims to overcome is waste production by opting for sustainable solutions.

Compressed air is a major utility in the Textile industry where the design and selection of the right compressor for high quality air requirement is of great significance as compressed air is more or less required at every stage of manufacturing particularly large volume of air requirement in cotton textile industries having Airjet Looms & in the Polyester yarn industries with very critical requirement in the PFY valued added segment such as Texturing. Typically power looms, process house & ginning mills required low air between 30-500 cfm. Denim spinning, medium PFY industries require medium air between 500-1,500 cfm. Large polyester yarn integrated plants, texturing units & integrated cotton textiles usually requires more than 2000 cfm.

Compressed air in the textile manufacturing are used in:

  • Spinning and Ginning Mills
  • Air jet spinning & weaving
  • Man-made fiber production – partially oriented yarn (POY) and fully oriented yarn (FOY)
  • Texturing units and adding details to materials
  • Winding and dying of nonwoven materials
  • Pneumatic transport for PET chips and Powering cleaning tools
  • Treatment of Wastewater

Oil Free Compressor for Textile Industry

Most Textile companies rely on reliable, clean Class 0 Oil-Free air for these processes. Using oil-free compressors in delivering the highest quality textiles and fabrics that not only reduces the chances of rejection but also optimises production with less idle time and extended intervals between servicing. Contact with oil (from the air compressors) can leave grease stains on fabric causing it to darken and damaged/unusable end products. So, it is recommended to choose oil-free compressed air throughout the production process and reduce risks of rejections.

In the textile industry, Oil-free screw air compressors play a pivotal role which can guarantee the quality of the finished fabric where jet looms need dry and oil-free compressed air, the fine nozzle will be compressed air blowing wire harness, and the formation of eddy current, which gives the yarn shape, elastic and prominent.

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