Manufacturing operations rely heavily on compressed air to assist in variety of day-to-day operation processes. ELGi’s compressed air technology comes with the value proposition that bring to play in high efficiency, low maintenance cost, environmentally friendly products, and cost comparative solutions.

ELGi’s range of high-quality industrial manufacturing air compressors and compressed air expertise helps ensure continued, trouble-free service that reduces the long-term costs of equipment ownership providing the right reliability, precision and energy savings on which all industries depend.

Deliver high-quality air

ELGi’s range of air compressors are well-tested on various parameters in order to ensure zero defects and designed in accordance with the international quality standards to provide high qualified air for seamless manufacturing operations.

Designed for energy savings, long life and quicker returns

ELGi’s range of air compressors are design with high efficient airends with in-house developed 4/5 lobe combination eta-V profile rotors which reduces pressure losses and increases ensure energy-efficient compressed air supply. ELGi’s oil-injected screw element provides a long and trouble-free life at the lowest possible operating cost.

Best-in-class warranty

ELGi’s range of air compressor comes with Uptime Assurance which is all about giving customers peace of mind by offering industry’s leading warranty which warrants that it’s product and the components for its products will perform the purpose and function for which they are designed and intended for the periods of time indicated when used, serviced and maintained in accordance with ELGi’s instruction and specification.

What are air compressors used for in manufacturing?

Now, Compressed air is an essential energy source for manufacturers relying heavily on modern innovations and mechanical systems in a variety of operations. Manufacturing air compressor systems are critical needs for Industrial buildings, pumping systems, material handling, primary processing, and the maintenance and repair of various machinery and equipment. It supplies the motive force to the manufacturing industry for more safer and convenient production process

Typical uses of compressed air in the manufacturing industry include:

  • Spray finishing equipment — to vaporise paint so it can be applied to components and products.
  • Air operated tools — air tools are preferred to electric tools as they are light and easy to handle.
  • Air operated lifting equipment — air hoists can be used for a multitude of lifting operations.
  • Shot blasting — air is used to propel grit or shot for blasting and cleaning operations.
  • Cooling & heating — air is used in a vortex tube to create high volumes of hot and cold air for industrial heating and cooling processes.
  • Cleaning — air is used for cleaning processes in manufacturing facilities.

Wide variety of manufacturing activities and applications that require compressed air includes:

  • General manufacturing – Clamping, stamping, tool powering and cleaning, controls and actuators.
  • Furniture manufacturing – Air piston powering, tool powering, clamping, spraying, controls and actuators.
  • Plastics, silicone and rubber manufacturing – Mold press powering, tool powering, clamping, and forming, injection molding.
  • Metal Fabrication – Assembly station powering, controls and actuators, injection molding, tool powering, and spraying.
  • Glass, Stone, Clay – Conveying, blending, mixing, controls and actuators, glass blowing and molding, cooling.
  • Mining – Hoists, pumps, pneumatic tools controls and actuators.
  • Food and Beverages – Dehydration, bottling, controls and actuators, conveying, spraying coatings, cleaning, vacuum packing.

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